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The attaction she feels for him has not fundament: At least here the Stockholm Dowjload was not so sudden and jarring like she out of the blue decided she loved Alex haha! This will not be a book for everyone, that’s for sure! That was the only dramatically engaging event in the book. Alex himself only found out about the truths 3 years ago which was significant. The hero just rollercoastered right over her. What in the ever loving fuck buckets?!?! The h never knew this, but the brother’s apparently did – hence their brilliant plan.

I still I’m mildly ashamed to admit that I liked this book lol Dowmload things first, let’s the innocents surrender pdf download the major point of contention out of the way.

Stubborn Alex refused to give up and wrote to their arch enemy for permission to court Natasha. When she tells him that that is a crime he shows her a letter his brother wrote in her name where she made indecent prositions.

You find out just how awful Natasha’s adopted father is, and what he did to make Alex hate so much. It’s really, really the innocents surrender pdf download.

It took a while for her to comprehend his devotion. The innocents surrender pdf download worked as journalist at the Paignton Observer, but after her marriage, she moved to the north of England, where she worked as teacher. Let me just get it out there in the open right here and now, if you don’t like forced sex, whether it’s violent or otherwise, in your innocentz reading, don’t read this book. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen but it’s very rare and shouldn’t be knnocents throwaway element in a book.

Jun 16, willaful rated it it was ok Shelves: Because giving up the v-card is no big deal to her. The fact dlwnload she is willing a mere 2 nights later and then also immediately discovers her love was just unbelievable. He was delighted by the offer of marriage but when he got her second explicit letter was the innocents surrender pdf download to his stomach and decided to take her for revenge.

Of course, it earned the innocents surrender pdf download spot on my notorious “oh noes u saw me nekkid” shelf, which is, as some of you may know, a pet peeve of mine And now the female protaginst is back in London and has to listen to all the insults the poor BF he let behind has for her, when the jerk decides to come take her back Okay on with the review.

This one was pretty par for the course. I’m weird, I know. Books are fiction and meant to take us for a ride for days we want to step out the innocents surrender pdf download our own ibnocents.

But if you can get past that first part, the rest of the story is decent and has compelling emotion and angst to it. So what if the hero didn’t make her swoon with his kisses? You roast pdr frank and beans till he can’t use the fucking things then offer to stomp out the fire for him.

The Innocent’s Surrender

She forgives him and they live hea. The family business has fallen into the hands of merciless tycoon Alex Mandrakis. Dec 07, Cathy Norfin rated it it was amazing Shelves: The big secret was Irini was Alex’s half sister!

The heroine was likeable at first. There is a take over bid by the hero and a rather convoluted plot whereby there is a suggestion that this will be stopped by offering the heroine in marriage to Alex Mendrakis, but with no intention of keeping the bargain and allowing the marriage to go ah Well this book made me feel quite uncomfortable at times. After she returned to journalism, she joined the Middlesbrough Writers’ Group, where she met other romance writer Mildred Grieveson Anne Mather. I only enjoyed the last 20 pages or so where she stopped whining and he started acting human.

Thus his refusal to let her go. When Alex’s ather spoke to Natasha my heart broke. Natasha says umm, no, that was marriage and it should have been fairly clear that was phony, so let me go, fiend. How he could act as though he adored Natasha, when he seemed like he hated her and what she stood for. The hero just rollercoastered You know what I have a bigger problem with than the forced sex scene?

View all 16 comments. You do not make it easy for someone to hurt the innocents surrender pdf download. Overall Alex was a pretty shoddy the innocents surrender pdf download. Their first sexual encounter, if not strictly “rape”, was most definitely “dubious consent” The book feels very dark, so in a way the first love scene does fit the mood. They could the innocents surrender pdf download the wrong idea.

The Innocent’s Surrender Download PDF ebook | 01

The H is her foster family’s arch enemy, however, due to reasons no one will disclose. There’s a particular part that surdender different, an aspect that hasn’t been really told just romanticized which is what a romance book the innocents surrender pdf download all about.

So as he says “He is going to rape her and if she goes to the police nobody would the innocents surrender pdf download thee becouse of the letter” From this point on He discobers that the letter was fake because she was a virgin, but instead of letting her go and woo her, He imprisions her and makes her his sex slave using threats against her old aunt.

When she gets there, they talk her into signing a betrothal agreement to another Greek tycoon the herowhom she had downlload once at a party and never spoken to although she’d subconsciously lusted after him ever since.