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Annual Reports – 2010

Economic and Social Indicators. Census of Private Educational Institutions in Pakistan Agricultural Census – Pakistan Report. The ecnomic Value of Children.

Search form Search this site. Feedbacks are also given to various stakeholders to improve control mechanisms and also to design new ones wherever warranted. STCL commenced security trustee business with effect from 1st August, Sectoral Shares in Gross Domestic Product at constant factor cost of to Major projects undertaken by SBI Foundation are as under: It focuses on the commercial credit skills required to handle the entire loan life cycle of Advances.

It has also been providing visionary thought leadership to Indian Banking over the years. The key contributions in the education sector are mentioned below:.

Annual Report pdf | Dividend | Board Of Directors

Your Bank has put improved mechanism in place to manage Credit Concentration Risk, by way of introduction of risk sensitive Internal Prudential Exposure Limits framework for single as well as group borrowers. Tab Reoort for recording the pre-sanction and post-sanction inspections of the customers is available for seven products.

During the year, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Hyderabad circle bagged first place pcf Lucknow, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar and Bengaluru circle lifted the runners up shield respectively.

For creating awareness of KYC Compliance amongst all staff, e-lessons have been made mandatory for all Staff members. Perception of Religious Leaders about Population Welfare. Table 3 National Accounts Main Aggregates at constant prices.

SVL has started earning Management Fees. Risk Management Committees at Operational unit and Business unit level are also in place. They are reviewed through cycles of comprehensive validation and back testing frameworks.

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Apart from increased cross-sell and up-sell capabilities, reduced turn-around-time, Customer 0 view, automated and streamlined processes, improved reporting and effective decision making would be some of the key benefits of the CRM system.

Percentage distribution of civilian labour force 10 years of age and indis by area, age, sex and nature feport activities including special probing questions: Some of the awards and accolades received by the Bank during the current year are mentioned below:.

Unaffordability, unavailability and lack of awareness are the major reasons behind low health care index in India. Your Bank has been ascribing highest level of importance to Compliance risk management and has taken number of initiatives to strengthen compliance bankk keeping in view the scale and complexities of business operations.

We constantly benchmark ourselves against the best in class global practices, harnessing technology and encouraging our enthusiastic workforce to synergistically achieve stretched targets. Augmented labour force participation rates and un-employment rates by age, sex and area: Table 2 National Accounts Main Aggregates at current prices.

Market Risk is the possibility of loss that Bank may suffer on account of change in value of its trading portfolio, on account of market variables such as exchange rate, interest rate and equity price, among others. Buying, selling or leasing of premises, renewal of leases pdg. The website of the Strategic Training State bank of india annual report 2011-12 pdf download has been completely revamped.

Such focused learning interventions, aimed at enhancing the technical and managerial competencies, have not only helped groom managers in their current role, but are also focused on their evolution as future leaders and visionaries of your Bank. Opportunities of overseas exposures at junior levels has been introduced for attracting newer talents to come on board.


Similarly, Company achieved card spends of Rs. Risk Analytics is used both for appraisal of fresh applications and for ongoing monitoring of the loan portfolio. Percentage distribution of employed persons 10 years of age and over by major industry divisions, occupation groups and sex: The corpus of the fund is made by staff members and matching contribution is provided by your Bank. Under this initiative, your Bank partnered with seven reputed NGOs, and engaged in development work in rural state bank of india annual report 2011-12 pdf download to deploy the youth enrolling for the fellowship.

District Population and Deveopment Profile. This is an employee friendly measure to help them balance personal and professional aspirations. Training Challenge of Merger: Reproductive Health of Youth: