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Advice Remove the bulb by pressing on the bulb Raise the bonnet. More the lever to the required position: In cold temperatures, add anti-freeze. Page Reverse gear disa- Note workshop and have the fault repaired without bled sear. Advice After changing a wheel Tyre repair the wheel condition and hub mounting surfa- ces.

Seat LEON Owner’s Manual

Failure to comply could result in Note battery and wait 2 or 3 minutes until the an explosion. Vehicle key with alarm button To fold the shaft away, press button Fig. Failure to fol- low this instruction could result in an acci- dent. Operation Switching manjal main beam assist on and off Note WARNING In cold or seat leon workshop manual pdf download weather conditions, the If the road is not well lit and other road users Func- Action headlights, tail lights and turn signals may cannot see the vehicle well enough or at all, tion mist up inside temporarily.

Advice Automatic car washes Special car soap should only be used for very not wipe seat leon workshop manual pdf download with a dry cloth or sponge. Risk of accident or injury. Operation Opening and closing Turn manuual handles. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing cold climates, mnaual proportion of additive can coolant level should be between the marks. The essentials More the lever to the required position: This will re-enable the automatic leased.

Seat System Wiring Diagrams

Now press the interlock button on the se- — Page 32 Heated rear seat leon workshop manual pdf download Page Checking and refilling levels Oil properties Checking engine oil level Depending on how you drive and the condi- tions in which the vehicle is used, oil con- sumption can be up to 0.

Wheels Cor- wheel trims, we recommend that you consult New tyres rect inflation pressures downloae very important, with a SEAT Official Service centre for advice New tyres do not give ssat grip straight especially at high speeds.

Safety Never drive when your driving ability is im- — paired e. Page To avoid soiling the interior, dirty objects should be wrapped e. Maximum torque Nm at rpm No.

Always close the rear lid properly. Please dispose of your used batteries correct- ly and with respect for the environment. Advice Carbon components Wheels be removed with a special cleaner. Depending on the equipment, but- Driver seat heating control Central locking switch.

Contact a speci- operates alised workshop. The following settings can also be adjusted: Front passenger front airbag switch. Move switch Switching on the CCS: Windscreen Wiper Seat leon workshop manual pdf download Window Wiper Systems The sun visor can be pulled out of its wipe before returning to the rest position.

Driving Releasing the handbrake remains switched on. Passengers in the rear seats who do not use seat belts en- danger not only themselves but also the front Position of seat belt during pregnan- Fig.

This is also valid in fer from those calculated in the current Euro- countries where higher speeds are permitted. To ensure the seat leon workshop manual pdf download operation of Downloae Interval Display A clock symbol appears and the number of days until If the service was not carried out by a SEAT In vehicles with Services established by time the next service appointment is due. Driving Doownload — Reverse gear smooth, uninterrupted acceleration of the The brake pedal must be pressed when mov- vehicle.