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Complete the puzzle to download the document. Dismantle sub-assembly 14 into its component parts. Make sure that small drilling A is not blocked. Replace with scm210 pdf download if required. Fit flat face of sleeve 9 against shoulder of poppet Lower the backhoe bucket and loader shovel to rest on the ground; stop the engine; operate the control levers to vent residual hydraulic pressure.

Rotate the T -bar clockwise to increase the pressure setting scm210 pdf download file: If only renewing the seals, dismantle as far as cap 14 then remove items csm210 to 22 as an assembly. The following points MUST be avoided when dismantling ddownload assembling scm210 pdf download valve: Raising the pressure at the valve inlet locks the anticavitation cone C onto its seat, this allows the A.

Push the adjusting pin down sccm210 make scm210 pdf download it has engaged with the AR. The parts microfiche will identify the correct seal kit part numbers for items 2,4,6,10 and Ensure that the small drilling through the centre of item 3, is clear. Fit back-up ring 13 on the upper side of ‘0’ ring 12 as shown in the dpf. Scm210 pdf download the pressure at the valve inlet using the hydraulic hand pump, when the AR. The illustration shows the unloader pressure test connector D fitted to the loader valve block.

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The anti-cavitation lock-out bung seals and locks the AR. Remember, pressure must be maintained at scm210 pdf download valve inlet to ensure the lock nut is tightened. The bung is only suitable for the test block application and must NEVER be fitted to the excavator valve block. Make sure that the hand pump is filled with JCB Hydraulic fluid. If necessary, adjust as detailed below A. The numerical sequence shown on the illustration is intended as a guide to dismantling.

For assembly the sequence should be reversed. Connect ddownload hydraulic scm210 pdf download pump to port ‘P’ pump of the test block 1. The pressure gauge reading should drop to zero or near zero. Ensure that they are correctly adjusted and fitted in their specified positions.

In Position Testing of A. If required, the check valve assembly can be dismantled into its component parts items 1 to 8. scm210 pdf download

Insert T -bar adjuster key 5 into adjusting pin 3. All spools scm210 pdf download the same centring and scm210 pdf download components items 9 to Valve 4Q is only fitted to machines equipped with a Powerbreaker.

Selecting this service ensures that the pressure vents through the un loader and not an A. Discard old and worn O-rings and back-up rings. If the pressure falls off rapidly, or if no pressure can be obtained it is possible that the anti-cavitation cone is not seating effectively, in this instance move to step 9. When the pressure is correct, tighten the locknut. To prevent spool rotation when turning screw 15, scm210 pdf download a rod through the eye end of the spool. When Assembling Renew all O-rings and back-up rings.

JCB Service Manuals

Stabilizer spools 4C and 40 are identical to each other but different from the excavator spools. If the pressure is maintained move to step Note that the hydraclamp comprises two separate valve assemblies; 1 the check scm210 pdf download assembly items 1 to 8 ; 2 the solenoid assembly items 11 to V’s on the machine should be avoided use hand pump method as described on page E 1.

If no pressure can be raised see step 8 at the valve inlet, remove the A. Make sure that the adjusting pin 3 correctly locates in adjusting screw scm210 pdf download. When Dismantling Dismantle sub-assembly 14 from item 1 using a special tool see Service Tools, Section 1.

Scm Training Ebooks Pdf Free Download

The arms raise or lower service is specified because it has no auxiliary relief valve A. When Pdg Renew all ‘0’ rings. To completely dismantle a spool, doanload the sequence 9 to On some machines, there scm210 pdf download a plug fitted at point D. Port ‘T’ tank can be left open when using a hydraulic hand pump.

The maximum reading should be as specified in Technical Data. The pressure test point in this instance is located next to the steering priority valve, it is the same test point that is used to scm210 pdf download the steering circuit pressures.

Scm210 pdf

Ensure good condition of seating faces on poppets 4 and 8 scm210 pdf download on the mating faces in the valve dowwnload. We need to make sure that you are not a malicious bot or virus.

These are identical in design but have various pressure settings see Technical Data. After adjustment, use the slot in spanner 4 to lock the AR.