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But I honestly think it’s the best long-term way of becoming and staying prepared for programming interviews.

The SRMs can take anywhere between 30 minutes and a couple of hours. And my librarian mother would be upset if I didn’t remind you—you can always check your local library for these books. Read the solutions, but be wary of the code style used in these competitions. The help and videos section has some excellent accessible explanations of some solutions and basic programming techniques.

Programming interview questions and practice resources – Coding for Interviews

If you want a set of problems to go through in order, these are well written and very accessible. We practice a little bit each week.

Pdt support over 20 programming languages and have a nice selection of questions for bit manipulation, sorting, string processing, dynamic programming and a handful of math-heavy problems.

See the full reading list for books with practice problems. TopCoder is an online programming competition which has been around for a long time. Some challenges let you use Python.

Bradley Green (Author of Programming Problems)

Formerly part of Interview Street’s code sprints, Hacker Rank has a nice selection of practice problems. CodeEval has roughly problems of different difficulties, including a solid selection of classic programming interview questions. CodeWars is a great practice problem website with a ton of excellent “kata”, small code challenges and finger exercises.

The idea is, the next time our group members are looking for jobs, we will be prepared. The hardcore competitors eschew sensical variable naming and instead compress their logic in a way that would make the author of Clean Code shed a tear. A programming interview question A distilled computer science topic review You send in intetview answer and the next week we review solutions.

CodingBat is a great site for more novice developers to become more comfortable with iteration patterns, string manipulation and more. Okay, I’m biased, because I run this group. But I’m biased—I guest-wrote one of the problems!

Practice Questions and Resources

New group members are always welcome! One email each week. Try before you buy, and force yourself to prepare before the due date!

Interview Cake is a novel step-by-step interview problem walkthrough tool that simulates a realistic coding interview, giving you hints and challenging your answers along the way.

The TopCoder problem database is practically endless.

Each week, the 18, Coding for Interviews subscribers receive fownload things: CodeEval supports 13 languages and has a selection of programming problems sponsored by individual employers—the sponsors are actually sent a copy of your solution and offered the chance to contact you.

Especially for phone screens, it’s important to exhibit a comfort with coding. Each week, the 18, Coding for Interviews subscribers receive two things:. Integrating minutes of this in your morning routine will pay dividends in your code fluency in the long term.