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Who lived before the Adam and Eve Story? The Renewal of the Lessons. The Little Guide Book for Nuwaubians. Prophecies of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The sons of Canaan in the bible is the Caucasian race of people ot this book authored by Dr. Fard Post Graduate: Humans Were Created From. Where is the Devil Today? Lets Set The Record Straight.

Show the world chrisitan true nature that puts light on him and it will burn him up. Is God a Wimp? Debate with the Christians. Did God create the Devil?

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Nuwaupu inc – Download Nuwaupu, Nuwaubu, e-Books, audios, and videos by Dr Malachi York

Be Prepared for the Anti-Christ. Where and What is Hell. Is there Life after Death? Is God an Extraterrestrial. Never did i know that the evil one had chrisgian such a great job with these people both mentally and physically as to have them hate self and kind. He has dedicated his life to educate the world with right knowledge, right wisdom to lead you to right overstanding which is sound right reasoning, a science called Nuwaubu.

Shamballah and Aghaarta, cities within the Earth. Teachers Guide to the Nuwaubian Language. Click the link to buy the E-books below. Conflict Of The Gods. Jesus as Tammuz and Horus in History. To right the wrong, and to bring your so-called holy books up to date because it has expired. What 360 questions to ask a christian pdf download Where is Hell?

Our eBooks can be viewed on desktop computers or laptops, netbooks, ereaders such as Nook Color, Nook Tablets, Kindle Fire and even smart phones. York – E-books Dr. York on page Who Carried the Cross?

You will need Acrobat Reader to view this file. Answer to the Holy Tablets. Who Was Jesus Sent To?

Egyptian Book of the Dead. Take the covers off of him as the devil. Man From Planet Riqz. When you put the light of truth on him it burns him up into nothing. Great Balls Of Fire. To destroy him you must write books, movies, and teach the truth about who he is and what he is.

Numbers The Torah 4 – Chapters Malachi Z York proves that fact using the bible.

Man from Planet Rizq. The Book of Light. Exodus – The Torah -2 Chapters